The Financing of trade and investment has long been identified as one of the most challenging issues faced by new enterprises and SMEs in developing or transition economies. The issue of financing is particularly important, as financing is needed not only during the export process itself, but also for the production of the goods and services to be exported, which may include imports of raw material or intermediate goods.
Lack of financing at any time during the production and/or the export process will result in a failed transaction. The key question this course will address is: How can the public and private sector work together to facilitate the flow of international trade and investment which fuels growth and economic development?
From 28 June to 6 August 2010, the United Nations Social and Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) and UNITAR will offer the third edition of their joint e-learning course on “Trade Finance Infrastructure Development”. It is hoped that this course, which emphasizes networking of professionals and experts as well as discussion of case studies through the UNITAR Virtual Learning Environment, will contribute to enable developing countries and economies in transition to respond more rapidly and effectively to challenges and opportunities of the globalization process.
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