Delivering as One: UNDP and UNITAR embark on a new joint initiative to bolster African participation in multilateral negotiations over major issues in social and economic development

March 2011 saw the start of a new partnership venture between the United Nations Development Programme, Regional Bureau for Africa (UNDP RBA) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in their relentless effort to enhance the capacities of African negotiators. As Assistant Secretary-General Tegegnework Gettu stated, this high level initiative “aim[s] to bring African positions to the fore so that the interests of the region are represented”, particularly in the key areas of regional trade and integration, financing for development, climate change negotiation as well as peace and security.

The overarching objective of this UNDP RBA-UNITAR initiative is to fortify African ownership and leadership of development efforts through strengthening the ability of African delegates to prepare for and engage effectively in multilateral negotiations encompassing a broad array of topical issues within the framework of RCF III- the Third Regional Programme for Africa of UNDP, both at country and regional levels; all this with a view to accelerating progress towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For UNITAR Executive Director Carlos Lopes: “UNITAR’s partnership with UNDP is long-standing and represents a valuable commitment by both institutions to ‘Deliver as One’”. To date, and during the course of 2011, over 1,100 African officials have been trained through this UNDP RBA-UNITAR joint initiative.

The training has been designed according to the four key priority areas of UNDP’s Third Regional Cooperation Framework:

  • Poverty reduction and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
  • The consolidation of democratic and participatory governance
  • Conflict resolution, peace building and recovery
  • Energy, environment and sustainable development

More information on the four focus areas of the events.

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Download the UNDP-UNITAR partnership brochure (English PDF 5MB / French PDF 5MB)



Participants Tell Their Stories

Events held under the agreement by UNDP RBA and UNITAR took place in the form of e-learning courses, workshops, and conferences. High-level officials from all regions of the African continent partook in them. This section contains the personal stories of seven participants in such events who have spoken with UNITAR about the connection between the training they have received and the work and challenges they face on a daily basis as African leaders.

    Ms. Jolaade Helen Adekola (Minister on Development and Economic Issues, Nigeria) - English




    Ms. Judith Agu (Chief Legal Officer, Nigeria) - English




    Mr. Philippe Kadima Cintu (Political Officer, Democratic Republic of Congo) - English / Français




    Mr. Ouinibani Konate (Head of the Department of African Union Issues, Burkina Faso) - English




    Mr. Jean Taty Mavoungou (Chief of the Department of Negotiation, Gabon) - English / Français




    Mr. Ali Mohamed Ahmed Osman Mohamed (Second Secretary, Sudan) - English




    Ms. Touraire Ngou Raïssa Luchèle (Student, Cameroon) - English / Français



    Ms. Maoulida Mohamed Solihi (Head of Debt, Comoros) - English / Français