On June 1st 2012, UNITAR and Annemasse Metropolitan Area (Annemasse Agglo) signed a cooperation agreement to support the establishment of an international platform for public-private partnerships (PPP) in the field of sustainable development, within the new “Cité internationale de la solidarité” of Annemasse. The agreement, signed by Mr. Carlos Lopes, UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNITAR Executive Director, and Mr. George Deléaval, President of Annemasse Agglo, lies within the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially Goal 7 on sustainable development, and Goal 8 on the development of a global partnership for development.

The agreement aims to promote a framework for exchange between local, national and international actors, both from the public and the private sector, in Annemasse. It is anticipated that demand and supply of PPP will meet for the implementation of concrete projects in the economic, social and environmental fields. The platform will also allow stakeholders to share experiences on best practices and innovative approaches, whether in the context of high-level discussions or in more informal settings.

The first phase of the project will be conducted with the assistance of all stakeholders. It will consist of a pre-operational study to define the modalities of implementation of the first forum, to identify funding sources for the platform, and to establish a sound breeding ground for the development of partnerships. The first forum will bring together 200 participants in 2013, including representatives of central and local governments, international organisations, the private sector, and civil society and academia.

Photo: Mr. Christian Dupessey, Vice-President of Annemasse Agglo; Mr. Georges Deléaval and Mr. Carlos Lopes