etiThis month the renowned University of Geneva’s (UNIGE) School of Translation & Interpretation (ETI – and UNITAR signed a partnership agreement providing nominated ETI graduate students with practical internships among UNITAR’s training programmes. The objective of the partnership is not only to offer these top graduate students with translation expertise, but to also ensure the highest quality translation of UNITAR training material into high demand languages, such as Spanish in the Latin American region, African francophone French, and other languages where ETI has global expertise in translation for international affairs and development contexts.

Each student is placed across UNITAR programmes for 3-6 month internships offering them an opportunity to expand their knowledge of United Nations capacity development priorities and the complexities of communicating and ensuring learning among global target audiences such as local governments, diplomats, community based organizations and others. Thus far, ETI has contributed seven top interns for the translation and contextualization of e-learning courses from English to Spanish for Latin America’s local governments and multilateral diplomacy trainings. In return, students are also offered free access to UNITAR training courses on topics of their choice.

As the partnership expands, UNITAR looks forward to not only cooperating with UNIGE’s translation school, but with its other groundbreaking research and education departments as well. While translation of UNITAR training content into new languages ensures a broader linguistic outreach to fulfill capacity gaps among new regions, UNIGE also has a variety of leading research programmes that can meet similar capacity-building needs in developing countries.