19 April 2012, Paris, France - UNITAR Board Chair and Executive Director will discuss the challenges of regional integration in Africa within the framework of one of the round tables organized by the journal Géopolitique africaine as part of the “Books and Authors of the Congo Basin region” booth at the 2012 Paris Book Fair. In addition to the UNITAR Board Chair, Ambassador of the Republic of Congo in Paris and renowned writer Henri Lopes and UNITAR Executive Director Carlos Lopes, the high-level panel will feature as keynote speakers Minister of Energy and Water of the Republic of Congo Henri Ossébi, Secretary-General of CIAN (Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique) Stephen Decam, and Special representative of the Strategy Department of the French Development Agency François Gaulme.

The Round Table entitled “Regional integration as a major stake for the Continent” will take place at 4pm on 19 March, and will be facilitated by Jean Dumonteil, Director of "La Lettre du Secteur Public". For more information