UNITAR Board meets as budget reaches historical landmark

Paris, 30 January 2009 - UNITAR held the 47th session of its Board of Trustees in Paris on 29 - 30 January. The session, hosted by the French government, took place in the prestigious Musée du Quai Branly. Board Members praised the excellent progress achieved by the Executive Director, Mr. Carlos Lopes, and his staff as the approved mid-term budget showed a 50.5% growth compared to the previous 2006 - 2007 biennium. The Institute's training activities in the area of Environment and the efforts to consolidate a UNITAR-wide approach on Environment were presented and encouraged by the Board of Trustees. Board members also provided support to the Carbon-neutral Policy and Strategy so it can take effect immediately across all activities conducted by the Institute. Following the proposals made by the Members at the previous session a Committee on Finance composed of three Board members was established to advise on financial issues and resource mobilization prior to regular sessions.  Board members fixed the dates of the next session to 12 - 13 November 2009.