For the second consecutive year, UNITAR contributed to the training of 260 high-level Officers of the “War College” in Paris coming from 60 countries around the world.

The “Coalition” module has the main objective of strengthening the skills of the high-level trainees in planning and conduct at the operational level, and to allow them to discover the problems of the strategic and tactical levels within a multinational framework of a conventional type engagement in a complex regional conflict with wide-ranging asymmetric types of threats.

At the end of the module, the trainees were able to understand the importance of defining the organization of the forces and adapted command structure in order to be able to guarantee their effectiveness.

The “Coalition” module was held from 27 February to 17 March 2012 and UNITAR participated in this simulation exercise from 12 to 17 March, with a team of four people who played the different United Nations’ roles in the management of conflicts, with Ambassador Ahmed Ould Abdallah (former Special Envoy of the Secretary-General) who incarnated perfectly the role of the United Nations Secretary-General. The participation of UNITAR succeeded in making the exercise particularly rich and realistic.

This module was conceived in three juxtaposed parts: (1) operational level planning, organized in 10 planning groups that lasted 7 days; (2) the transition between planning and conduct of operations on line; and (3) the conduct of the engagement phase, for which the activity is made possible through the use of computers.

UNITAR’s contribution to this exercise is of great importance as the actors involved are all professionals who are familiar with peacekeeping operations, humanitarian actions, and the management of conflicts. These actors raised the level of the exercise by creating a very realistic setting.

The “War College” and UNITAR are exploring opportunities for further strengthening their cooperation.

Photo: General Brousse, the War College Director of Studies (on the left) with the Ambassador Ahmed Ould Abdallah (on the right).