From June 15 to June 26, 2009 UNITAR Executive Director, Dr. Carlos Lopes, will visit senior level representatives in Beijing and Shanghai, China. The purpose of this visit is to seek collaboration between academic and governmental institutions to develop partnerships with UNITAR in the field of local development and Peacekeeping, especially in Africa. The Institute also aims at developing direct collaborations with local Universities to translate some of its tools and offerings into Chinese.

In Beijing, the Executive Director is expected to meet with the Leader of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Leader of the Counselor's Office of the State Council as well as Officials and Scholars of China UN Association and China Foreign Affairs University. Dr Lopes will promote not only UNITAR but also the United Nations work, especially in the fields of Environment, Education and Peacekeeping Training Programme.

In Shanghai, Dr. Lopes is slated to visit the Shanghai Cooperation Training Center and will deliver a speech at Fudan University, where he will present on UNITAR and its specialized offerings.

The outcomes of this visit will soon be made available on our website.