UNITAR Launches Alumni Platform for its Multilateral Diplomacy Programme Course Alumni

UNITAR's Diplomacy Alumni Platform

6 July 2017, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR is proud to announce the launching of its newly developed Alumni Platform. The platform has been created for all former participants of courses offered by the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme, in order to provide them an attractive social network to connect with former colleagues, classmates and UNITAR experts and to expand and refresh their knowledge acquired at trainings with on-line materials and courses.

Members are able to access the Alumni directory and thus to find, connect and remain in touch with their classmates and trainers. Additionally, alumni obtain 25% discount in UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy Programme courses. They can participate free-of-charge in webinars, conferences and on-line courses offered by UNITAR, for example a course on “Chairing International Conferences” or one on “Multilateral Conferences and Diplomacy”.

Furthermore, as an alumnus, members get free access to a digital library on multilateral diplomacy, containing publications such as UNITAR’s “UN Manual for UN delegates” or “Practices of Diplomatic Protocol in Geneva”, thus being able to deepen their knowledge or look up important information they learned in the courses they attended.

The website provides a great opportunity to stay in touch with other participants and experts. It offers a feed of news related to important events in diplomacy, particularly in Geneva and also an overview over upcoming workshops of the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme.

Former participants that are interested in joining the platform can register under http://diplomacy.unitar.org/ where they are also able to find further information.