11 December,2013, Geneva, Switzerland - ECB check ribbonUNITAR is proud to announce that 5 of its online courses have been awarded by ECBCheck certificate.

Below courses are now certified:

Conflict Resolution

International Water Law

Introduction to the Green Economy: Concepts and Applications

Multilateral Conferences and Diplomacy

Protection of Civilians

UNITAR has a total of 8 courses certified by ECBCheck.

ECBCheck is a quality improvement scheme for e-Learning programmes. It supports organizations to measure how successful their e-Learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement though peer collaboration and benchlearning. ECBCheck forms a participative quality environment which allows its members to benefit in a variety of ways by having access to tools and guidelines for their own practice on the one hand, and being able to obtain a community based label on the other hand.

Three stages to quality are suggested:

  • Members of the ECBCheck professional community document their commitment to quality by joining;
  • The ECBCheck professional community provides access to and allows sharing of guidelines, tools as well as experiences for quality development for its members;
  • On the basis of a detailed self-assessment process, members can enter into mutual peer-review partnerships to improve the quality of their e-Learning offers.

ECBCheck is developed from the community of organizations through an innovative and participative process which has been initiated by InWent – Capacity Building International, Germany and the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL). The ECBCheck community consists of over 20 affiliated organizations.