UNITAR Opens Sustainable Development Goals Learning Centre

7 of June 2017, New York, USA - The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) co-organized the second edition of this learning, training and practice week on UNITAR opens Sustainable Development Goals Learning Centrethe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director of UNITAR opened this week of learning session’s hand-in-hand with the presentation of voluntary national reviews. Mr. Seth remarked how UNITAR and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) are committed to ensuring that a broad range of learning, training and practice opportunities are available not only to Government representatives and delegates, but also to all those involved in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and review of national action on the 2030 Agenda.   He detailed that during the learning, training and practice week, 10 different learning sessions will be held, offering training on a variety of topics and subjects, under the umbrella of this year’s HLPF (the high-level political forum on sustainable development in 2017) theme "Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world". Following the HLPF review, the learning sessions will tackle SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 14, and will discuss how to practically pursue the implementation of these goals.       

UNITAR opens sustainable development goals learning centreAltogether, the learning sessions will involve more than 20 organizations representing United Nations, Civil Society, Private Sector and Academia, and are open to all participants involved in the HLPF, reinforcing peer-to-peer support and sharing useful tools and resources for the implementation of the SDGs. 

Mr. Seth closed his remarks stating UNITAR is committed to building capacities for the 2030 Agenda through trainings, lectures and workshops, not only during this Learning Centre but all year round, reassuring that he was confident this Learning Centre is an ideal complement to the HLPF and encourage practical engagement, interactivity and dynamic discussions, where our shared knowledge and experience in the room will motivate our increased efforts towards achieving the 2030 Agenda.

After his opening remarks,  the Learning Centre opened the morning with a session organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development which has developed the learning session on “Evaluation and SDG Follow-Up and Review Mechanisms”. The session addressed the key implications for national evaluation approaches in the context of 2030 Agenda.

UNITAR opens Sustainable Development Goals Learning Centre

Image 1: From left to right, Mr. Naidoo, Mr. Seth and Amb. Mero

Image 2: Panelists and participants at the High Level Political Forum opening.

Image 3: Programme of the Sustainable Development Goals Learning Centre