UNITAR Organizes a Workshop on "Human Rights and the SDGs"

8 May2017, New York, Unites States - The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) organized today a workshop on “Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals” taught by Professor Jacques Fomerand, Assistant Director of the United Nations Program of Occidental College and teacher at the Center for Global Affairs of New York University

The workshop began with a few opening remarks by Mr. Pelayo Alvarez from UNITAR New York Office, and the participants were asked to introduce themselves.

UNITAR Organizes a Workshop on "Human Rights and the SDGs"The first session of the workshop provided the participants with an overview of the human rights architecture in the United Nations System, also addressing the differences between the Charter-based bodies of the UN (General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, and International Court of Justice) and the Specialized Agencies.

The morning session focused on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, providing extensive explanations on its creations in 2006, its membership and elections as well as on its sessions and agenda. The Universal Periodic Review mechanism of the Council and the issue of Special Procedures were also addressed.

The following session focused on the Security Council and its powers under chapters VI and VII of the UN Charter, recalling milestone Security Council resolutions and explaining various criminal justice mechanisms under the authority of the Security Council.

In the afternoon session Professor Fomerand explained the role of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, focusing on its establishment and mandate, as well as on its presence in the field and the modalities and subjects of technical assistance.

The last session addressed the various Human Rights Treaties Bodies, their role, legal basis, and communications and reporting procedures.

Before closing the workshop Professor Fomerand provided some wrap up comments and engaged in a questions and answers session with the participants.

Photo: Professor Jacques Fomerand (left) and Mr. Pelayo Alvarez (right)