PFTP brochureThe Public Finance and Trade Programme is pleased to announce its new calendar of e-learning courses for Fall/Winter of 2011-12 for a global audience of finance-sector and trade officials. Over 50 executive-level e-Learning courses in English, French and Spanish are now open for registration. All courses are internet-based, moderated by senior international experts, asynchronous and place emphasis on online discussions and self-paced learning. 

The content for each course has been developed based on UNITAR’s training experience in public debt and financial management worldwide, through the involvement of senior international finance experts. Since 2003, an e-Learning portal and online training infrastructure has been set up to cater to the needs of developing and emerging nations. Thousands of finance-sector and trade officials have already been trained using our e-Learning methodology. 

The learning environment for each course will comprise finance sector and trade officials from all over the world (developing, emerging and industrialized nations) who will have a unique opportunity to study, share and engage in practical discussions using our online discussion board facility. Each course will be moderated by an international expert with in-depth understanding of current challenges and issues. Typically, each course requires 40 to 50 hours of work by a participant, spread over a four- to six-week period. At the end of the course, all successful participants receive a certificate of completion from UNITAR.

The above set of courses is primarily intended for officials from principal agencies involved in public finance, debt management, financial governance, financial-sector development and trade such as the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Central Government’s Treasury or Accountant General’s Department. 

Read below what some of the past participants say about our courses: 

“The course provided a very useful opportunity for intensive interactions
between the course participants and the course coordinators on a very
important aspect of development policy in developing countries. …Taking
into account my personal experience as the Chairperson of the WTO
Council for TRIPS in 2007, I am extremely satisfied that the course, through
the modular approach, covered most of the important areas necessary for
strengthening development policy on intellectual property issues. “

Yonov Frederick AGAH, PhD, Ambassador to WTO, Nigeria

« I will be starting a new job in the Fall as a Trade and Climate Change negotiator in the bilateral and multilateral context. This course provided me exactly the background information and context I feel I need to begin my new job. Thanks!» 

Anonymous participant (from end-of-course survey)

For more information on each course, including course dates and online registration, please visit our website at: