UNITAR’s e-Learning partnership course with the United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) was successfully launched with 88 participants from 25 countries.

This UNITAR-UNEP FI e-Learning partnership – which is now in its third year of successful collaboration – addresses the risks and opportunities of climate change for the finance sector by raising awareness of climate change and its associated impact on economic progress amongst policy makers from its over 170 member institutions across the world.
With the combination of UNITAR's unique e-Learning methodology and expertise in training, and UNEP FI's research and knowledge in the area of Climate Change, this e-Learning course entitled: “Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector” offers participants an opportunity to take part in a comprehensive, innovative and effective global e-Learning programme and a virtual learning environment.
Using UNITAR's experience and pedagogical approach, this e-Learning course aims to share knowledge with financial institutions, both banks and insurers, and emphasizing the all-important role to be played by financial institutions in mitigating and adapting to climate change.
The course provides an introduction to climate change and the science behind it, as well as emphasising how it will affect the financial services sector. Participants are exposed to the policy and regulations in place, specifically the Kyoto Protocol, other regional policies and post-Kyoto Protocol policy discussions. The course also aims to educate participants on the effect of climate change on energy financing and energy alternatives. Another important aspect of this course is the module on carbon finance, covering emissions trading as well as opportunities in the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation.
As a result of this successful collaboration, discussions are on-going to expand the partnership by enlarging the audience base and developing other similar courses.
For more information about the course, please visit the:
UNEP FI e-Learning Course website:
UNITAR partnership website with UNEP FI