5 June 2014, Geneva, Switzerland - Recent satellite imagery analysed at UNOSAT confirms the increase in the number of IDPs in eastern DR Congo. According to figures released by OCHA, in only four months 100,000 more people have become in need of humanitarian assistance after they were displaced by the conflict in DRC. UNOSAT says their analysis shows several changes and new settlements that are consistent with a sustained influx of people in several areas in the eastern provinces.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has struggled with conflict in its eastern provinces for over 20 years with humanitarian consequences affecting deeply the social fabric of the country. Over 2.5 million Congolese are believed to have become internally displaced, while half a million have crossed into neighbouring countries. Insecurity and violence have systematically prevented humanitarian organizations from reaching the all the population groups in need of relief.

So far UNOSAT has released new analysis over Boga, Kamatsi and West Geti. All UNOSAT maps on DRC can be found on UNOSAT website.

Image: detail of one of the UNOSAT maps available on line. UNOSAT uses satellite imagery time series to keep track of the new structures and shelters being set up on the ground.