The International Institute of Humanitarian Law  (IIHL) is an independent, non-profit humanitarian organisation founded in 1970. Its headquarters are situated in Villa Ormond, Sanremo (Italy). The main purpose of the Institute is to promote international humanitarian law, human rights, refugee law and related issues.

Over the years the Institute has gained a solid reputation in the area of humanitarian and refugee law. The Institute organises basic courses, training courses, and advanced courses in the field of international humanitarian law, human rights, refugee law and migration law for military personnel, government officials, diplomats, experts, representatives of non-governmental organisations, and students from all over the world. These courses, which are organised in collaboration with international institutions and countries interested, are taught in French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian by qualified professors and lecturers.

UNOSAT has become a permanent feature of the annual summer course on humanitarian law where it offers a module on the use of satellite imagery analysis and GIS for human security based on the increasing experience in providing analytical support to UN panels and investigations in the area of human rights and humanitarian law violations. The module, which is particularly appreciated by the students, has been developed in collaboration with IIHL and has been offered for two years already.

Photo: the 2011 Course students gathered at Villa Ormond (courtesy IIHL/P. Panizzi)