UNOSAT is the only UNITAR programme based on the premises of CERN thanks to a large spectrum institutional agreement between UNITAR and CERN aimed at supporting the computing needs for satellite imagery processing and analysis and also developing joint research projects using high end technology solutions.

UNOSAT work is directly supported by CERN IT Division, whose main responsibility is to support CERN experimental activity, including the newest Large Hadrons Collider (LHC). This support gives UNOSAT virtually unlimited computing capacity and data storage, which has tangible effects on the effectiveness and rapidity of our work. From another angle, the presence of a large operational programme of the UN on CERN premises gives this specialised European Organization additional visibility in different quarters of the international community.
The March issue of CERN Newsletter dedicates its cover story to UNOSAT and its work. The newly released magazine is available in pdf format on the CERN website at this link: . A limited number of hard copies are available on request by writing to .