UNOSAT is a technology-intensive programme delivering imagery analysis and satellite solutions to relief and development organisations within and outside the UN system to help make a difference in critical areas such as humanitarian relief, human security, strategic territorial and development planning. UNOSAT develops applied research solutions keeping in sight the needs of the beneficiaries at the end of the process.

In the slider above one can compare an area of the Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestinian Territory, before and after the recent conflict. Imagery collected 6 July 2014 and 28 August 2014 by the Pléiades satellite (copyright Airbus D/S) reveals damage occurring as a result of razing, heavy vehicle tracking, bombing, shelling, and related conflict dynamics.

UNOSAT has produced a satellite derived geospatial analysis that documents damage over the Gaza Strip following the July-August 2014 conflict.  It is based on analysis of commercial satellite imagery and quantifies damage to overall building structures, health facilities, education facilities, agricultural fields and greenhouses. The study also compares damage from the 2014 conflict to that of the 2009 conflict. The analysis is supplemented by ground photos following UNOSAT deployment to Gaza in September 2014. Click here to download the report and associated geodatabases.