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Published: 25 Jan, 2008
GLIDE: FL-2007-000231-BOL

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Map originally created for floods in January 2007, GLIDE number FL-2007-000012-BOL.

PDF Hydrology Atlas of SRTM-derived drainage lines, composed of 5 map sheets covering the El Beni Department, Bolivia. These 5 map sheets can also be downloaded separately below (El Beni Department map sheets: overview & A1 to B2)

Note: Drainage lines represent the theoretical flow path for water based on a surface elevation model and may not match exactly with actual river network.
Hydro Data: HydroSHEDS 2007 (USGS-WWF)
GIS & Elevation Data: UNEP, NASA, NGA, WDPA
Map Created: 12 February 2007