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Product ID: 1083 - English
Published: 9 Feb, 2008
GLIDE: EQ-2008-000017-COD

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Bukavu reference space map
Scale: 1/25 000
Background: 0.6m natural colours merged QUICKBIRD reference image, acquired the 18/02/05
The map is optimised for A1 printing
Production date: 09-Feb-08
Produced in the context of International Charter Space and Major Disasters and ESA funded Respond project.
Satellite image: QuickBird, DigitalGlobe Inc 2005, processing Sertit 2008
Roads and airport: Sertit 2008
Toponomy and other vector layers: GIST, ESRI
Elevation data: SRTM DEM, USGS 2000, processing Sertit