International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 1173 - English
Published: 5 May, 2008
GLIDE: TC-2008-000057-MMR
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 17.516 x 94.043193
BottomRight: 15.595629 x 96.693698

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This map illustrates satellite-detected flood waters over the affected Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar as of 5 May 2008. Red areas shown in the map represent standing flood waters identified from MODIS satellite imagery acquired on 5 May 2008 at a spatial resolution of 250m. Flooded area estimates by township have been calculated in km2. Please note: township data is incomplete in coverage. This flood detection is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Map Scale for A3: 1:900,000; Projection : UTM Zone 46 North; Datum : WGS 1984
Cyclone Data : NOAA, Un .of Hawaii, Tropical Storm Risk
GIS Data : USGS, NGA, ESRI, Respond/Keyobs
Satellite Data : MODIS-Aqua & Terra
Imagery Date : 5 May & 15 April 2008
Resolution : 250m
Map Production : UNOSAT (5 May 2008)