Product ID: 1266 - English
Published: 16 Sep, 2008
GLIDE: FL-2008-000999-WES
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 60.209 x 11.229
BottomRight: 59.544 x 13.234

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Flood waters have been detected from satellite radar data recorded on 16 September 2008. Affected villages and roads have been identified on the map and summarized by Region/Country. The affected population estimate in table summary was derived from the Landscan 2005 dataset and is intended only as an approximation of the population potentially affected. These flood estimates are preliminary and have not been verified on the ground. Map Scale for A3: 1:340,000; Projection : UTM Zone 33North; Datum : WGS 1984.
Satellite Data : ENVISAT-ASAR
Imagery Date : 16 September 2008
Resolution : 30m
Image Source: ESA 2008
Admin data : WHO
Flood Analysis : UNOSAT (16Sept2008)
Map Production : UNOSAT (16Sept2008)