Product ID: 1353 - English
Published: 3 May, 2009
GLIDE: SE-2009-000011-LKA
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 9.367 x 80.683
BottomRight: 9.283 x 80.8

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PDF (33.0MB)     - Static viewing and printing

Satellite atlas (11 individual map sheets) over Civilian Safety Zone (CSZ), Mulattivu District, Sri Lanka.

Map scale for A4 printing: 1:5,000
Projection: UTM Zone 44 North WGS-84
Atlas Production Date: 3 April 2009
Satellite Data ....... Ikonos
Satellite Image Date: 23 March 2009
Resolution: 1 meter
Copyright: NextView / DigitalGlobe 2009
Source: US Dept. of State (HIU)
GIS Data: Vectorized by UNITAR/UNOSAT