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 International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 1384 - English
Published: 7 Oct, 2009
GLIDE: TC-2009-000205-PHL
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 15.743245 x 121.07382
BottomRight: 15.609409 x 121.186428

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This map illustrates satellite-detected areas likely affected by flood water in Nueva Ecija Province, Philippines, as based on change detection methods using FORMOSAT-2 data acquired over the area on 30 September 2009 and LANDSAT ETM+ data acquired on 12 February 2003. The newly released ASTER global elevation model (GDEM) was also used in the flooding analysis. This flood assessment is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field.
Satellite Data (1) : FORMOSAT
Imagery Dates : 30 September 2009
Resolution : 2 m
Copyright : NSPO (2009)
Elevation Data : ASTER GDEM
Resolution : 27m
Source : METI & NASA 2009
Rainfall Data : TRMM (NASA)
Road Data : Google Map Maker 2009
Other Data : OSM, ESRI, USGS, NGA
Flood Analysis : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Map Production : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Projection : UTM Zone 51 North
Datum : WGS-84