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 International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 1439 - English
Published: 11 Mar, 2010
GLIDE: LS-2010-000040-UGA
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 1.044 x 34.409
BottomRight: 1.025 x 34.436

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This map illustrates satellite-detected areas of probable landsides as identified in Formosat-2 imagery recorded on 7 March 2010, and pre-crisis Spot-5 imagery acquired 20 February 2007. Main buildings likely affected by landslides were identified through automatic detection techniques from the pre-crisis SPOT-5 imagery. Please note there is an associated degree of uncertainly for some areas of landslides because of local cloud cover and the building count is likely to be an underestimate from the total number of affected buildings in this area. This assessment is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT. Map scale for A3: 1:9,000; Projection : UTM Zone 36 North; Datum : Arc-1960
Satellite Data (1) : Formosat-2 (2.0m Panshapened)
Imagery Date : 7 March 2010
Copyright : NSPO 2010
Satellite Data (1) : SPOT-5 (2.5m Panshapened)
Imagery Date : 2 February 2007
Copyright : SPOT Image 2010
Satellite Data (2: Radarsat-2 / 1
Imagery Dates : 8/3/2010 & 4/9/2004
Resolution : 12m / 25m
Copyright : RADARSAT-2 © MDA 2010
Credit :Canadian Space Agency
Bld. / Road Data : UNITAR/UNOSAT
Elevation :Aster GDEM (NASA/ JAXA)
Administration Data : UBOS/Geo-IM Working group
Hospital & School Data : NUDC
Other Data : NUDC, OCHA, USGS, NGA
Damage Analysis : UNITAR/UNOSAT
Map Production: UNITAR/UNOSAT (9 Mar 2010)