Product ID: 1783 - English
Published: 6 Aug, 2013
GLIDE: FL2013000087MMR
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 17.00039 x 98.498959
BottomRight: 15.747686 x 98.095634

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This map illustrates satellite-detected water bodies in the area between Myawadi and the towns of Kyeikdon and Kyarinnseikkyi in Kayin State, Myanmar, as detected by RISAT-1 imagery acquired on 5 August 2013 at 11:29 GMT (17:29 local time). This analysis indicates a moderate flood extent in the area due to heavy rains over the past several days and local soil inundation. Multiple local towns and villages are likely affected by the flooding, and sections of primary secondary road are also most likely underwater. It is likely that flood waters have been systematically underestimated in areas of shallow water, areas of high-sedimentation, highly vegetated areas along main river banks, in mountainous areas, and within built-up urban areas due to the characteristics of the satellite data used. This analysis has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR /UNOSAT.
Satellite Data (1): RISAT-1
Imagery Dates: 05 August 2013
Resolution: 37 m
Copyright: Indian Space Research Organization
Source: National Remote Sensing Center
Satellite Data (2): DMCii
Imagery Date: 10 January 2013
Resolution: 22 m
Copyright: DMCii
Source: DMCii
Road Data: OSM
Production: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Analysis conducted with ArcGIS v10.1