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Published: 24 Sep, 2013
GLIDE: FL20130806SDN
FootPrint (Lat x Long, WSG84 Geographic, decimal degrees)
TopLeft: 22.032574 x 36.892991
BottomRight: 3.471893 x 24.972281

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This map presents the estimated total rainfall accumulation for Sudan and South Sudan covering the period 16-23 September 2013. This total estimate was derived from the Tropical Rainfall Monitoring Mission (TRMM) precipitation dataset at a resolution of 0.25 degrees for this region. It is possible that precipitation levels may have been underestimated for local areas, and is not a substitute for ground station measurements.
Rainfall Data: TRMM
Resolution : 0.25 deg
Date Series: 16-23 September 2013
Credit: NASA
Road Data : Google Map Maker / OSM / ESRI
Analysis : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Production: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Analysis Conducted with ArcGIS v10.1