Brief: Damage to Chindolan Island, Palawan, Philippines

Fri, 15 Nov 2013 21:33:39 GMT
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Published: 15 Nov, 2013
GLIDE: TC20131108PHL
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TopLeft: 11.93373 x 120.055211
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This settlement on the northern coast of Chindolan Island indicates some structural damage and heavy damage to vegetation. See Figure 1 (next page) for pre-disaster comparison.
Satellite Data (1): Pleiades
Imagery Dates: 15 November 2013
Resolution: 50 cm
Copyright: CNES 2013 - Distribution Astrium Services / Spot Image
Source: Astrium Services
Satellite Data (2): Various
Imagery Date: Pre-Crisis
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Source: Bing
Road Data : Google Map Maker / OSM / ESRI
Analysis : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Production: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Analysis conducted with ArcGIS v10.1