Product ID: 786 - English
Published: 6 Oct, 2006
GLIDE: OT-2006-000000-LBN

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Damage assessment identifying individual locations and types of damage in the region of Rmaysh, Lebanon. Damage assessment has been done using photo-interpretation of post-crisis Ikonos satellite imagery.
The map shows damages with the blast radius of 100m and gives damage assessment summary on buildings, bridges, industrial sites, irrigation canals, roads and fields. The map also includes zoomed insets that show the destruction caused in the villages of Yater, Rachafe, Beit Lif, and Aita El Chaab.
Satellite image: Ikonos
Image resolution: 1 m
Image acquisition date: 10 September 2006
Image copyright: European Space Imaging

Projection: UTM Zone 36 N
Datum: WGS84
Map scale: 1:16,000 for A1 size prints

Map created: 13 October 2006, version 1.1
Image analysis and map production: UNOSAT