The Spanish language is firmly established as one of the leading languages within UNITAR’s portfolio of training and learning events. The wide acceptance and popularity of UNITAR courses creates another reason to extend our e-Learning offer in Spanish.

Since 2003, the beginning of our e-Learning activities, over 10,000 officials and professionals primarily in developing countries and economies in transition have benefited from our courses. UNITAR currently has a strong presence in Latin America and the Caribbean, already representing over 16% of beneficiaries of our training and learning events. This demonstrates the need for short-term training programmes, which are practical and flexible for professionals coming from the public and private sectors, civil society, and academia.

Our online courses aim at strengthening the professional skills of participants in the public and private sectors, and promoting the creation and exchange of knowledge and experience through UNITAR’s Virtual Learning Environment. They are designed according to adult learning principles and structured in a flexible and interactive manner to meet the needs of senior and middle level officials and professionals with busy schedules. The courses are taught entirely in Spanish and facilitated by high level experts, allowing participants to interact, exchange ideas, and pose questions to their peers and to the facilitators.

Below are some comments received from a participant in one of our most recent courses.

Negociación para la Resolución de Conflictos y Disputas (May-June 2012)

"This course is very useful for our day to day work, particularly seeing the rapid developments and changes affecting our local realties at the regional-global level, and the many factors influencing it. Knowing and understanding the issues presented in the course and having the opportunity to discuss and clarify ideas through the forums has been really invaluable”.

Abog. Isidra Vásquez Fermín, Finance Manager, La Mundial C.A. Venezolana de Seguros de Crédito-Grupo CESCE (Venezuela)

The following online courses in Spanish are currently open for registration:


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