12 June, Beijing, People's Republic of China – A National SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management)  Planning and Inception Workshop was held in Beijing on 12 June 2012, with the participation of UNITAR. The main objectives of the workshop were to launch China’s SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund project, entitled “Enabling Activities for the Development of a SAICM Implementation Plan as a Key Contribution towards an Integrated National Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals in the People’s Republic of China”, and to establish a project steering committee. The project aims to strengthen capacities for national implementation of SAICM.

The workshop was attended by more than twenty representatives of government, industry organizations, and academic and research institutes related to chemicals management.

The workshop focused on planning for two key project activities:

  • Drafting the National Profile to Assess Infrastructure and Capacity Needs for Chemicals Management through a process which involves all interested parties at the country level; and
  • Finalising coordinating mechanisms including the terms of reference and workplan for developing the National Profile and implementing the project.

The workshop also provided an opportunity to give presentations on SAICM and the international context for sound chemicals management.

The National Planning and Inception Workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of PR China in collaboration with Peking University, with technical support provided by UNITAR, and financial support provided by SAICM's Quick Start Programme Trust Fund.