Workshop on Assessing Corruption Risks Delivered by CIFAL Curitiba

11 April 2017, Curitiba, Brazil – The International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL) in Curitiba in collaboration with the Global Compact Network Brazil, Deloitte Brazil, and the Federation of 

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Industries of the State of Parana (FIEP) hosted the workshop “Assessing Corruption Risks” aimed at promoting companies and compliance departments to conduct corruption risks assessments.

The workshop was attended by 80 representatives from private corporations, governments and Non-Governmental Organizations from Curitiba and the State of Parana. The workshop was delivered through lectures and presentations, as well as roundtable discussions to learn about how to perform corruption risks assessments following a methodology that includes 6 steps:
1) Defining processes
2) Identifying risks
3) Evaluating risks
4) Identifying and classifying controls to mitigate risks
5) Calculating risks
6) Developing a plan of action
The Coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Task Force of the Global Compact Brazil and Compliance Director of Siemens Brazil Mr. Reynaldo Goto stressed, “this training aims to encourage companies to establish compliance systems in their businesses. Mapping the risks that exists in a company is key to prevent corruption”. He also mentioned that other similar workshops have taken place in Sao Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro as part of the activities conducted by the Global Compact Brazil

Photo 2CIFAL Curitiba Director and Superintendent of the Social Service of Industry (SESI Parana) Mr. Jose Antonio Fares highlighted “this training is an important tool to guide companies to successfully create compliance departments”.

During the workshop, the Brazilian Law “Clean Companies” was also presented and discussed. Mr. Rafael Guedes de Castro, Professor of the Faculty of Industry (FIEP PR) provided an overview and said “the Law aims to promote a change in corporate culture”.  

A roundtable discussion to exchange best practices on compliance took place and was led by Mr. Rodrigo Soares Zani, Risk and Compliance Manager of FIEP, Mr. Fábio Losso, Government, Risk and Compliance Director of the energy company COPEL, Ms. Juliana Nascimento, Legal Advisor of Unimed Curitiba, and Mr. Alexandre Mugnaini, Representative of Itaipu Binacional.

A company that strengthens compliance builds trust and credibility amongst its clients and partners,” stressed Rodrigo Soares.

Photo 1: Workshop participants
Photo 2: Speakers and CIFAL Curitiba Manager Ms. Priscila da Paz Vieira
Photo credits: Ms. Aline Calefi Lima