Da Nang, Vietnam
18th to 20th February 2009

The opening session

The workshop on Climate and Disaster Resilience in Coastal Asian Cities strengthened the capacity of local authorities to reduce urban risks and to adapt to climate change. The workshop was organized by UNITAR through the CIFAL Kuala Lumpur, CityNet and the Kyoto University in cooperation with Veolia Environnement and UNISDR.

Fifty participants, among whom representatives of thirteen Asian cities, were trained and exchanged their expertise and experiences on urban risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategies. Contributions by representatives of cities, universities, NGOs, International Organizations and the private sector highlighted precious concepts, initiatives and risk reduction and adaptation strategies and solutions. A field visit to coastal urban communities at risk provided first hand insights. The participants actively contributed to the workshop by exchanging experiences and best-practice examples.

Self-assessment session