Jointly developed by UNITAR and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD) is an interactive tutor-facilitated e-learning course on social media tools. The primary courseware is based on the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) - "Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development". 

The overall objective of the course is to empower development professionals to recognize the potential of social media and to make innovative use of these tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Participants will be able to recognize the role of social media in changing the way that information is created, organized, shared and accessed. They will have opportunities to use some popular social media tools, analyze their utility, identify their adaptability to specific contexts at the workplace and compare the utility of various applications after analyzing the context of usage. Participants will also be able to recognize the importance of issues such as security, privacy, and intellectual property rights while using social media applications.
This infographic tells the story of the Innovative Collaboration for Development e-Learning course, and zooms into its 2013 achievements.



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