3 March 2021, Geneva, Switzerland - This week, UNITAR is delighted to announce an innovative new partnership with the British Legal Centre. This collaboration is meant to implement four courses providing instruction on various legal aspects for lawyers, law students, businesspeople, and others who may be interested in the legal process.

The British Legal Centre and UNITAR have created a system where both organizations’ audiences may be introduced to further opportunities to advance their skills, networks, and careers on their own time. Having an understanding of the legal system and being able to navigate it in an informed manner is essential even for those who have not undertaken a profession involving the law. Knowing how to draft a contract, understanding how to use specific vocabulary with clarity and precision, and learning to navigate legal English are all valuable transferable skills which have become more accessible for all audiences through this collaboration.

As the current health crisis has caused many to work from home and have an increasingly irregular schedule, all our courses are set up to be as flexible as possible.  Lessons can be accessed through private one-on-one courses, group lessons, or pre-recorded lessons which can be accessed any time. All courses are set up to use a hands-on approach where students apply the theories they have studied to real-life situations, through case studies, interactive exercises, and more. In addition, the implementation of the most up-to-date technology available to the courses has made the online learning experience as smooth and engaging as possible.


Included in the initial stages of this collaboration is one Contract Law course, one Contract and Legal Document Drafting course, one Legal English course, and one Legal Writing course. Other courses will be added over the coming months.

  • The Contract Law course is designed to help participants understand the law and correct use of contract law vocabulary through a series of lessons which cover all aspects of Contract Law as it is understood in common law countries
  • The Contract and Legal Document Drafting teaches the necessary skills of writing clear documents and contracts and explains essential legal vocabulary and phrases.
  • The Legal English course covers both the law and legal vocabulary relating to contract and commercial topics, plus IP Law, Banking and Finance topics.
  • Finally, the Legal Writing course covers essential vocabulary and phrases which are most often used in legal correspondence and documents such as contracts.

UNITAR is dedicated to providing quality educational and training resources and strives to reach an ever-increasing number of diverse audiences. In partnering with the British Legal Centre, UNITAR will not only expand their range in producing exceptional courses, but also take an important step in pursuing the transfer of high-level skills and make them more accessible for a wider public. Qualified lawyers and trainers in different legal fields will utilize the most advanced technology possible to create an interesting and effective learning environment for learners of all different levels. Thus, through UNITAR’s work with the British Legal Centre, the audiences of both organizations may profit from the flexibility, expertise, and connections provided in these courses.

More information

For more information, please contact Ms. Clara Lopez (clara.lopez@unitar.org).

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