1 October 2020, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR Division for People and Social Inclusion launched ‘Coming Up Next’, anew UNITAR learning podcast, on 1st October. Coming Up Next,  in collaboration with the CIFAL Global Network, and the Global Challenges Forum Foundation, is part of the 1M2030 youth initiative. The learning podcast focuses on providing a platform to celebrate and further encourage global youth leadership in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In each episode, Coming Up Next invites young leaders (12-32 years old) from across the globe to speak about their accomplishments and their unique stories. In this way, the learning podcast showcases selected great initiatives young leaders are implementing in different parts of the world. As a UNITAR Learning Podcast, Coming Up Next is aimed at shedding a light on global issues that are crucial for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, and the work being done to tackle these issues by youth. Each episode is carefully curated around a pressing global challenge and the theme of sustainable, and inclusive, development, including core learning objectives.

Coming Up Next aims to bring to listeners across the world conversations rooted in action. To find out more about the learning podcast, visit www.unitar.org/sustainable-development-goals/people/our-portfolio/coming-next-podcast and www.1m2030/podcast.

The learning podcast is hosted by Barbara Harrison, multiple Emmy award-winning journalist and founder of Barbara Harrison Media Inc., and is available for free on multiple streaming platforms.

The learning podcast launched on the 1st October with Episode 1 on Period Poverty, in conversation with Amika George, Natasha Sichula, and Dr. Joshua Weiner.

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