22 May, 2012. Geneva, Switzerland - Our increasingly globalized and interconnected world requires Executives and Senior Managers to respond to the demands of stakeholders and to fully grasp and integrate the critical issues raised by the emergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into sustainability plans.

The diamond and jewelry industry is currently facing accountability challenges that will present new opportunities if properly addressed.

In the context, UNITAR, through its affiliated International Training Center on Corporate Opportunities (Antwerp-ITCCO), in collaboration with HRD-Antwerp China Association, is organizing a tailored executive seminar for twenty Chinese diamond and jewelry leaders, from 11 to 13 June 2012.

This “CSR & Management Course” aims to develop participants’ strategic insights and practical skills that will help them address those emerging challenges efficiently, and increase their organization’s competitiveness and resilience.

The participants will therefore also acquire the tools and skills needed to integrate international “Corporate Social Responsibility” guidelines and orientations, such as the Global Compact principles (GCPs), the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 26000 guidance on social responsibility or the new EU strategy on CSR, to develop effective and sustainable CSR policies and implementation strategies.

Participants will be invited to reflect on the value chain of their own organization, the multitude and variety of stakeholders involved as well as the policies and management practices predominating and the milestones and challenges to enhance and further implement the CSR principles and UN Goals.

International experts and practitioners will lead sessions on: “CSR & human resources management”; “Communication and social responsibility”; “UN Global Compact Principles and implementation of CSR in the diamond and jewellery business”; “Sustainability and value creation”; or “Marketing and transparency”.

Considering the importance of face to face business meetings, the management course will also provide an opportunity for participants to “Meet & Greet” local diamanteers and jewelers as well. The forty Antwerpians participants to the “Meet & Greet” are selected based on their interest and commitment to CSR. A specific session is being organized on 5 June to raise their awareness and understanding on CSR challenges and opportunities in the context of both theirs and Chinese markets.