CIFAL Curitiba Promotes Dialogue on Integrity and Knowledge Sharing Across Businesses

Participants of the Business Workshop for Businesses21 - 22 June 2017, Curitiba, Brazil – The International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Curitiba (CIFAL Curitiba) in collaboration with GIZ and the Alliance for Integrity hosted the “Debate for Integrity” and the “Business Workshop for Businesses”, in Curitiba, Brazil on 21 - 22 June 2017.

Corruption is considered a strong constraint on growth and development, not only for countries but for companies as well. This is why there is a growing recognition among companies of the need for adopting Compliance actions in accordance to pre-determined rules. With the aim of promoting integrity amongst corporations and its partners, and other relevant actors, Alliance for Integrity and GIZ have been promoting debates about integrity in different regions in Brazil.

CIFAL Curitiba was pleased to partner with GIZ and Alliance for Integrity to host the Debate for Integrity in Curitiba to bring together small and medium enterprises for an open and frank dialogue on integrity.  Key objectives of the debate were to discuss the implementation of Compliance strategies in businesses and in the public sector, as well as to identify ways for public-private collaboration and for mutual support. During the debate, the publication developed by KPMG, LAV and Alliance for Integrity “Between vision and reality – the evolution of a culture of Compliance in Germany and Brazil” was presented and discussed.

Working groups during the Business Workshop for BusinessesSome experts included: Rafael Guedes de Castro, Lawyer and Professor at the Federation of Industries of the State of Parana, Roberta Codignoto, Head of Legal & Compliance Latam at Staples, Roni Enara, Executive Director of the Social Observatory of Brazil, and Marco Antonio Guimarães, Legal and Compliance Manager of FIEP.

On 22 June, the Business Workshop for Businesses took place, bringing together Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Throughout the day, experts on compliance from large corporations shared their experiences to SMEs. A key outcome of this exercise was that SMEs would receive subsidies and practical tools to deal with corruption related challenges in order to become more transparent and competitive.

Photo 1: Participants of the Business Workshop for Businesses

Photo 2: Working groups during the Business Workshop for Businesses