Antwerp, Belgium: June 22, 2010 – UNITAR and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO),  an NGO accredited to the ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), have agreed to organize joint events on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in September at the Shanghai Expo 2010.

As the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF) inaugurated its first ever Executive Course in Corporate Social Responsibility in Antwerp on Sunday, June 20, emphasising the connection between CSR and the promotion of sustainable economic, social and environmental activity in countries in which the jewellery industry is active, discussions were initiated in view of scaling up CIBJO training capacity that would allow addressing the demand from its members.   Participants to the CSR and Sustainability under the spotlight in Antwerp, BelgiumThe general focus of the Executive Course was set on the first day of the proceedings, with the team of lecturers directing participants to the United Nation’s eight Millennium Developments Goals, which are meant to provide solutions to the most acute challenges to human society.   “The jewellery industry has come a long way since the year 2000, and the understanding that we cannot allow our business to cause injury to innocent people is well and truly imbedded in our consciousness. But the demand that we do no harm is only one side of the CSR coin. Our goal here is to consider the other side of that coin, and that is how the jewellery business acts proactively to bring about sustainable economic and social development in the countries in which we operate. The partnership with UNITAR will allow us to achieving our goals” said Gaetano Cavalieri, president of CIBJO and WJCEF.


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