The International Institute for Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation (ITC) and UNOSAT have a history of working together on both knowledge systems and concrete applications. This work has led to a formal agreement committing the two to working in synergy in a number of areas pertaining to training and solutions development in the field of geographic information for crisis response and post-disaster reconstruction.   ITC has existed for over 50 years and is the largest institute for international higher education in the Netherlands. It provides international postgraduate education, research and project services in the field of geo-information science and earth observation using remote sensing and GIS. The aim of ITC's activities is the international exchange of knowledge, focusing on capacity building and institutional development in developing countries and emerging economies.   ITC also operates as a node in an international knowledge network between scientific and professional organizations. Academic and professional partnerships allow ITC to offer its services in the field of research, education and project services worldwide, which offers a unique opportunity for synergy with the work UNOSAT does proceeding from applied research to the provision of adapted solutions for users in the UN system and its member states.   ITC, through its School for Disaster Geo-information Management, and UNOSAT will endeavor to unite efforts in the field of research and training, but they are also working at strategic initiatives such as the rationalization of their respective alumni networks, the development of the UNOSAT Global Mapping Facility, and the design of a multipurpose global platform for professional training in the area of geoinformation and remote sensing.


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