Green Legacy HiroshimaDecember 2011, Hiroshima, Japan.  Green Legacy Hiroshima is an initiative started in 2011 by UNITAR and ANT-Hiroshima, to spread worldwide the seeds - and the peace message - of trees that survived the atomic bombing.  Recently, Nassrine Azimi, one of the co-founders of "Green Legacy Hiroshima" and former director of the UNITAR Hiroshima office was interviewed about her hopes and vision for this global campaign by the Chugoku Shimbun (website in Japanese), and featured in the Hiroshima Peace Media Center.

The feature article "Green Legacy Hiroshima: Effort gets underway" is available in English and in Japanese (被爆樹木の種 世界へ「緑の遺産ヒロシマ」本格始動).

"Green Legacy Hiroshima holds potential to grow awareness in the world"

"コラム 視点「緑の遺産ヒロシマ」反核・平和メッセージ発信に大きな可能性" (in Japanese)

For more information about the initiative and modalities of participation, please visit the Green Legacy Hiroshima website or contact greenlegacy<at>