9- 10 September, New York USA, virtual seminar – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Office in New York successfully launched the Joint Swiss-UNITAR Briefing on United Nations Budgetary Matters training series on Tuesday, 7th September 2021. The four-day virtual training programme caters to the needs of the incoming delegates of the United Nations General Assembly’s Fifth Committee. The last two sessions have directly benefited more than 100 delegates each session from numerous Member States.

The third day of the training kicked off at 10:00 am (EST). The first session of the day covered Oversight Mechanisms through the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), and was lead by Ms. Gönke Roscher, Vice Chair of the JIU. In this session Ms. Roscher discussed several topics including, guides to the JIU’s programme of work, JIU in the oversight architecture of the UN system, and how the JIU works in conjunction with the GA and other governing bodies to name a few.

The floor was then passed to Mr. Eddie Yee Woo Guo, Director of the Inspection and Evaluation Division. In his session Mr. Guo discussed Oversight Mechanisms through the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). The structure of the Office of Internal Oversight Services along with its processes were overviewed in this session in addition. Ms. Anjana Das, Executive Secretary of the Board of Auditors (BoA) was then given the floor, where Ms. Das covered the Board of Auditors unit by detailing current members of the BoA, the background of the Audit Operations Committee(AOC), audit types, and the allocation of entities.

A summary of the UN International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) was then given by Ms. Regina Pawlik, Executive Secretary of the United Nations International Civil Service. Heading the last session of the day, Ms. Pawlik detailed the functions and powers of the ICSC, including its composition and appointment process.


The floor was then passed to Mr. Miguel Mourato Gordo, Director of the Global Strategy and Policy and Division on Office of the Assistant-Secretary-General for Human Resources (OHR) for the final session of the day. Mr. Gordo covered Human Resources Management through the Human Resources Strategy, HRM resolution.


Day four wrapped with Mr. Christian Saunders, ASG, for Supply Chain Management, for the Department of Operational Support (DOS). Mr. Saunders began by explaining the implementation of reforms in the UN. In this discussion the 3 main reform pillars were covered, authority delegation was outlined, and multiple departments within DOS were outlined and their role made understood.

Mr. Marco Suazo, Head of the New York UNITAR Office gave closing remarks on this successful and informative weeklong workshop.

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