Human Development Impact Assessment (HDIA) of Trade Policy aims to mainstream human development concerns into domestic policy-making. Through demonstrating the likely or existing effects of a particular trade policy on people’s lives, the HDIA may facilitate a greater understanding of the implications of policy decisions while creating awareness of the same and thereby foster greater and more informed debate.

In this framework, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) propose an instructor-led five-week e-Learning course on “Human Development Impact Assessment of Trade Policy”. Its main objective is to create a greater awareness of the importance of informed decision-making in trade policy formulation and implementation and to present a series of innovative tools that go “beyond GDP” and traditional economic analysis to assess the impact of trade policies and agreements on peoples’ lives. The course is aimed at practitioners, trade negotiators, researchers and development specialists, either in the developed or developing world.

This course, developed for the first time for online delivery, will provide participants with top of the line content and case studies and an easy to use online learning technology and pedagogy, which will favour peer-to-peer discussions and exchange of experiences among participants.

This e-Learning course is being diffused to our beneficiaries through an innovative partnership between UNDP and UNITAR in which both institutions come together and the partnership builds upon each others’ comparative advantage – i.e. UNDP providing training content and expertise in the area of trade policy and human development impact assessment, and UNITAR providing its time-tested e-Learning technology and pedagogy.

UNDP and UNITAR will not charge a fee to participants for taking this course. However, the organizers will select only a limited number of participants to guarantee an outstanding learning experience.

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