New Specialized e-Learning Module on Children and Climate Change

03 April 2017, Geneva, Switzerland - UN CC:Learn and UNICEF are pleased to announce the launch of a new e-learning module focusing on children and climate change. This specialized module aims to raise awareness and knowledge about the impact of climate change on children, opportunities for action and provide a child’s perspective to the discussions on how to deal with this global crisis. While accessible for free by anyone interested in the topic, it targets specifically government officials, development partners and practitioners in the field of children, climate change and development.

Specialized Module on Children and Climate ChangeSpecialized Module on Children and Climate Change 2

The module includes the following five sections:

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Children
  2. Strengthening Children’s Resilience to Climate Change
  3. The Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation for Children
  4. Empowering Children to Act on Climate Change through Education
  5. A Climate Change Agenda for Children

Through this new learning resource, participants will understand how children are and can be impacted by climate change (for instance through increasingly frequent and severe floods or droughts), but also how children's resilience could be strengthened. Learners will also reflect on solutions, focusing on the empowerment of children as actors of change, and on the key role that Governments can play in advancing children’s protection. Several examples, interactive exercises and links to external resources are made available to support the content.

Specialized Module on Children and Climate Change Section 3This module is self-paced and takes around 2-3 hours to complete. A short quiz at the end allows participants to verify the achievement of the learning objectives. A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants successfully passing the final quiz with at least 70% of correct answers. The module is also available as a downloadable PowerPoint presentation and PDF file that can be used for offline study or for training purposes.

This module is part of a series of UN CC:Learn specialized learning modules on climate change including other two resources on human health and climate change and on cities and climate change. Furthermore, a UN CC:Learn introductory e-learning course provides clear, concise and up-to-date information for anybody interested in obtaining a general understanding on climate change.

All these resources are hosted on the UN CC:e-Learning platform accessible at:

The children and climate change course can also be accessed on the UNICEF Agora site:

About UN CC:Learn

UN CC:Learn is a partnership of more than 30 multilateral organizations supporting countries to design and implement systematic, recurrent and results-oriented climate change learning. At the global level, the partnership supports knowledge-sharing, promotes the development of common climate change learning materials, and coordinates learning interventions through a collaboration of UN agencies and other partners. At the national level, UN CC:Learn supports countries in developing and implementing national climate change learning strategies. Through its engagement at the national and global levels, UN CC:Learn contributes to the implementation of Article 6 of the UNFCCC on training, education and public awareness-raising, and the 2012-2020 Doha Work Programme.  Funding for UN CC:Learn is provided by the Swiss Government and UN partners. The Secretariat for UN CC:Learn is hosted by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Photo 1: Specialized Module on Children and Climate Change

Photo 2: Specialized Module on Children and Climate Change 2

Photo 3: Specialized Module on Children and Climate Change Section 3

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