"My knowledge of conference diplomacy has considerably improved since this training has allowed me to reflect on the practices that I've met in my capacity as a diplomat."

Training on Multilateral Conference Diplomacy at the Congolese Diplomatic Academy

Organized by the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme in partnership with the Congolese Diplomacy Academy (DRC) as well as the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation, the workshop took place in Kinshasa from 24-29 May 2010. It was opened by the Director of the Congolese Academy, Mr. Bonaventure Mpasi Makenga. The thirty-four participants, all staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were introduced to the processes of multilateral negotiation and diplomacy. At the end of the workshop, participants received certificates from Mr. Michel Buanamuzuri, Secretary-General of Foreign Affairs, and Ms. Maud Dlomo, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of South Africa.

This workshop enabled participants to improve their knowledge and skills in preparing and conducting multilateral negotiations as well as assessing the outcomes. Simulation exercises involving international negotiation allowed diplomats to apply these skills and demonstrated difficulties often encountered in such negotiations. The training’s primary objective was to equip participants with the tools to better understand the goals and interests of their government. As the Congolese Diplomacy Academy and the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme’s first training, this event represents the starting point of a partnership between both institutions aimed at strengthening Congolese officials’ skills in diverse fields linked to multilateral diplomacy. Following the workshop, participants expressed their satisfaction with the training in helping to better understand multilateral processes and to critically analyze past experiences in international negotiations.

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