14 November 2019, Geneva, Switzerland – A delegation of Algeria’s Business Leaders Forum (FCE) visited the headquarter of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Geneva to discuss the organizations’ partnership and identify concrete activities in the near future. The FCE delegation consisted of Mr. Mohamed Sami Agli, President, and Mr. Mehdi Bendimerad, Vice-President. UNITAR was represented by Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director, Mr. Alex Mejia, Division Director, and Mr. Mohand Cherifi, Senior Adviser.

The meeting revolved about the creation of opportunities for Algerian youth, particularly related to entrepreneurship. Participants noted that young people, in Algeria and elsewhere, are a particularly vulnerable group and often the first to be laid off in economic crises. When compared to adults, they are three times more likely to be unemployed. Meanwhile, the earlier they are exposed to entrepreneurship, the more likely young people are to become successful later on. In this context, the representatives of UNITAR and FCE discussed a joint project to develop an Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Algerian youth. The project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurial culture among young graduates and at developing necessary skills to create their own enterprises.

Entrepreneurship training is an important means of developing skills that are essential for the sustainability of new businesses and economic growth. It should be considered as a systematic subject, as a lifelong learning process for entrepreneurs, as it helps to shape attitudes, skills and competences. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that entrepreneurship is a process that generates creativity, innovation and growth. Its benefits are not limited to entrepreneurs: it is an important skill for all, helping young people to be more creative and to have confidence in their projects. Entrepreneurship training also allows for the identification of opportunities and the creation of relationships, networks and social capital.

These aspects, which concern the skills, or soft skills of entrepreneurs, are often missing in training programmes, which focus on purely technical aspects of entrepreneurship. The training programme to be implemented by UNITAR and FCE in 2020 is designed comprehensively and includes online and face to face training, a study visit to Geneva, and networking opportunities with Algerian Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

UNITAR is delighted to work together with FCE and to implement this joint project on entrepreneurial skill development for Algerian youth.

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