5 October 2020, Geneva, Switzerland  – UNITAR, in partnership with the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative, the University of Geneva and the Tsinghua University, launch the SDG Innovation Bootcamps, a series of short programmes (online or hybrid) aimed at a new generation of impact entrepreneurs, willing to collectively act in order to identify, delineate and address outstanding challenges for the SDGs, through open innovation.

The SDG Innovation Bootcamps, are organized in preparation of hackathons, hackathon festivals, Open Geneva and Tsinghua SDG Open Hack!

The 2020 Fall series include the following upcoming programme sessions:

The programme sessions will deliver education on global challenges associated with the topics, methodologies for compassionate collective intelligence, open innovation, SDGs-based innovation and science-backed innovation based on each programme session."Hands-on" practice as part of hackathons of the same topics is also among the learning advantages of the programme.

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, participants will receive a training certificate, jointly awarded by UNITAR, the University of Geneva and Tsinghua University.

Awards and other opportunities will be granted to participants (respectively teams) who showed outstanding commitment and performance.

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