08 November 2021, New York, USA – UNITAR New York Office met with the Permanent Mission of Egypt to discuss further collaboration with the Institute for Diplomatic Studies for diplomatic personnel. 

The meeting was attended by H.E. Ambassador Walid Hagg, Director of Institute for Diplomatic Studies; Mr. Abdelrhman M. Farid, Third Secretary to the Permanent Mission of Egypt; Mr. Pelayo Alvarez,  Programme Coordinator of UNITAR New York office; Ms. Reem Ebid, Consultant for the UNITAR New York office, and diplomats from the Permanent Mission of Egypt.


The goal for this meeting was to explore opportunities of collaboration between UNITAR New York Office and The Institute for Diplomatic Studies for the Permanent Mission of Egypt. Mr. Alvarez started the conversation by introducing UNITAR, its role and responsibilities. UNITAR has expertise and experience in creating customized training courses to provide diplomats, UN staff, and permanent missions in the UN with the knowledge and skills needed in the diplomatic environment, focusing on working towards, and raising awareness of, the 2030 Agenda and achieving the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).

H.E. Mr. Hagg expressed his excitement for the collaboration as it will be of great benefit to the Egyptian diplomats to learn about the United Nations from a UN Principal Organ.

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