UNITAR Launches Three Interactive Case Studies on National Adaptation Planning (NAP)

5 October 2015, Geneva, Switzerland - UNITAR in collaboration with the GEF-LDCF funded UNDP-UNEP National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Support Programme (GSP) expands its on-line tool-box to improve countries’ accessibility to knowledge and resources for adaptation planning and decision-making.

Three NAP case studies have been developed to synthesize and facilitate the sharing of good practices and lessons learned from developing countries engaged in the NAP process.

NAP implementation challenges in Malawi

Image 1: Front slide of the Malawi NAP case study accessible at http://unccelearn.org/NAP-Casestudies/Malawi/story.html

The case studies focus on the following topics:

  1. NAP Implementation Challenges in Malawi
  2. Enhanced Governance for Climate Finance in Cambodia
  3. Skills Assessment for National Adaptation Planning in Niger

enhanced governance for climate finance in Cambodia

Image 2: Front slide of the Cambodia NAP case study accessible at http://unccelearn.org/NAP-Casestudies/Cambodia/story.html

Skills assessment for national adaptation planning in Niger

Image3: Front slide of the Niger NAP case study accessible at http://unccelearn.org/NAP-Casestudies/Niger/story.html

The case studies are navigable and highly interactive. They make use of infographics, video and audio-files to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing. These tools can be used in multiple ways:

  • In conjunction with UN CC:Learn e-course as a cross-learning source;
  • For capacity development and training activities;
  • As stand-alone knowledge products.

NAP implementation chart

Image 4: Info-graphic from the Malawi NAP case study

For further information, please contact Mr. Angus Mackay at angus.mackay@unitar.org.

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