UNITAR Welcomes Student Journalists

3 October 2017, New York, USA – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) hosted visiting Students visit UNITARstudents from Eastern Middle School in Maryland. Seeking to further understand the role of the United Nations in migration, visiting students interviewed the Head of Office, Mr. Marco Suazo. Mr. Suazo shared his views on current migration movements; he noted the growing complexity of international migration under our ever globalizing world. Issues of displacements and refugees call for renewed sets of policies both nationally and internationally, which necessitate more global collaboration and coordination. A set of actions have been implemented; the 2016 New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants embodied and manifested the political will of United Nations member states to collectively engage to protect human rights of all refugees and migrants. Humanitarian assistance to refugees as well as hosting communities remained a key area for discussion Students visit UNITARthroughout the 72nd Session of the General Assembly. In addition, cooperation with actors outside of the United Nations system, for instance, Global Migration Group (GMG) continues to expand and deepen.

The fruitful interview concluded with a tour to the United Nations Headquarters. Visiting students were more than excited to see the legendary General Assembly building as well as all architecture and arts in display within the Headquarters. 

Photo 1: Students journalists visiting the UNITAR New York office

Photo 2: Student journalists interviewing Mr. Suazo